Friday, September 7, 2012

Knee Manipulation Recovery

Knee manipulation where your orthopedic surgeon has to go back and perform this procedure under anesthesia to attempt to regain mobility in your knee, will cause a brief interruption in your overall recovery time. I have found with patients I have treated in the past that their recovery is postponed by 3-4 weeks.

This will again be determined by the patients work habits and overall discipline with the rehabilitation program. Once the manipulation has been performed you will have to step up your game regarding keeping your knee mobile and to capitalize on the breaking of down of the scar tissue that was performed during the manipulation.

Your physical therapist also will have to instill in you a sense of urgency if your surgeon has not already that your knee will return to pre-manipulation measurement's if you do not step up your knee flexion and extension movements.

Providing you keep up with the rehabilitation program and remain determined to make the surgery a success, you should not loose more than 3-4 weeks at tops after the manipulation from your original recovery time.

The reasons for manipulation can be several but, the most prominent reason I see is the fact that knee mobility during the healing process was not stressed enough due to not following the home exercise program as instructed or, the patient gets anxious when we as therapists attempt to move the knee. This leads to your knee laying down scar tissue rapidly and locking the knee up. The amount of scar tissue your body lays down around the surgical site depends on previous injury to the area, if there was previous surgery completed on your knee and genetics.

There also are cases where  the surgeon may have not properly aligned the knee  during surgery causing the joint itself not to function correctly. Your surgeon however during your initial follow-up during x-rays will discover this if this is the case. With the advance surgical techniques used today this is less likely than ever to occur.

After knee manipulation get aggressive and determined that this will be your last manipulation and do whatever it takes with the help of your therapist to get your knee back to a  fully functional condition.

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