Sunday, May 20, 2012

Hip Or Knee Replacement, Which One Is Easier To Go Through?

This is a question I get often when working with either a hip or knee replacement patient. First of all if you do not have to go through either one of them than that's great but, if you do you will find the knee replacement is more difficult to overcome during the rehabilitation process.

Of course it all depends on the the individual however, the knee replacement is more painful due to the the amount of swelling and movement involved. The knee is also more temperamental than the hip. It does not take much to set your knee off with added pain and swelling the first few weeks after surgery.

Pain management and compliance is critical with both however again, the knee wins out here in regards to you being disciplined in areas of taking your pain medication, using ice after rehab and, elevating the affected leg to minimize swelling.

The hip is no picnic either however, in the years I have been seeing these types of patients the hip pain is easier to control. The biggest problem or lets say concern I have with a hip replacement patient is avoiding dislocation. You as the patient begin to feel like your old self soon therefore, you may be tempted to take on more activity around the house. If you are not careful you can dislocate the hip which will send you back to the emergency room to get it popped back into place.

So in my estimation the easier rehabilitation process to go through is the hip. It is less painful and you generally get back to your prior level of function a little sooner.

If you have experience with either of these types of joint replacment and would like to share your story or have further questions please leave me a comment.

Richard Haynes PTA/CPT
Total Joint Fitness LLC
Punta Gorda, Florida.