Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Knee Replacement Exercises For Range Of Motion

There are numerous exercises that we use in the world of physical rehabilitation when it comes to getting the most out of your new knee replacement. Working in home health does not allow me to see the finished product when we ultimately discharge you to out patient physical therapy.

However, if there is one exercise or activity I promote to achieve the most mobility in either a total or partial knee replacement it is the peddler.

If  I can get my patient between 90-110 degrees of flexion and, approximately minus 3 -5 degrees of extension prior to going to out patient physical therapy than we both are happy.

I of course am trying to get the patient in the best possible position to be ready for the next tier in rehabilitation. One of the activities I add to my patients exercise program to not only get the most in regards to range of motion with their knee but, to add speed and coordination to it is the peddler also known as a restorator in rehabilitation.

I carry two of these personally in my car. I use it on all my knee patients about two to three weeks into their rehabilitation. This of course will depend on the patients progress, prior level of activity and, level of pain etc....

Using the pedal exerciser allows you the patient,  to develop the necessary speed and coordination your knee or knees will require to develop a smooth symmetrical gait pattern.

It also is comforting to the patient as it will help decrease pain and promotes circulation in the surgical area to promote healing and decrease some swelling .

I have used these for years with great results. I personally used this exercise on my own knee replacement as well. This Drive Medical Pedal Exerciser shown above is a quality piece of equipment.
I have seen them first hand in several homes. They are solid bikes that can withstand the workload you will give them. There are other's out there however some are very lightweight and do not work as well. they are not as smooth or durable.

Theses devices are great for the geriatric population that does not get much exercise to begin with to help maintain their lower extremity mobility.

For most baby boomers for instance they will advance to either upright stationary bikes or riding a bike in town for their daily activity.

Give this tool a try then let me know what you think of your results. You can drop me a comment as I would be happy to hear what you have to say.

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Total Joint Fitness LLC
Punta Gorda, Florida

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