Thursday, March 3, 2011

MAKOplasty,Partial Knee Replacement Rehab Complete

I recently just finished with another partial knee replacement patient that received the MAKOplasty procedure. The patient was in the hospital one day then sent home to receive home health physical therapy.

My patient was male, 65 years of age and in good health. I saw the patient three times a week for two weeks. It was obvious from the start he would not need a full course of rehabilitation which can take up to four weeks in home health. That generally will be followed by another several weeks in out patient PT if it is needed.

That will be a decision between you and your orthopedic surgeon.

The patient was instructed with several supine exercises on my first visit then followed with a couple of standing exercises on my second visit. I then added several more standing exercises on my next visit #3 that would promote strength and balance.

Seated exercises consisted of knee flexion and extension to promote range of motion with his new partial replacement and gait training or walking both indoors and outdoors using a single point cane.

This patient did extremely well by keeping both his pain and swelling in the knee to a minimum.

At the conclusion of week number two he had a reading of 122 degress of knee flexion and -1 degree of knee extension.

He was walking without a cane after two weeks.

He will now be discharged without out patient physical therapy with the surgeon in agreement. The patient had the option to continue but chose not too.

My patient had been an active adult and felt his preperation prior to surgery in regards to exercise and  getting himself prepared mentally played a big role in his overall succcess.

Just remember not all my patients have progressed this quickly. There will be other factors involved depending on the individual.
This might have been the easiest case I have had in the last two months when it comes to any type of knee replacement surgery.

Richard Haynes PTA
Total Joint Fitness LLC
Punta Gorda, Florida.